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ACTO is an AI-powered Intelligent Field Excellence (IFE) platform built for Life Sciences that helps Sales, Marketing, and Medical teams improve customer engagement and brand performance by turning field professionals into “Masters of the Message” who engage HCPs and their support teams with authority and impact. With ACTO, biopharma companies can ensure field professionals are always competent, confident, and credible, delivering the right message to HCPs in face-to-face interactions, while providing senior leaders and frontline managers with the insight they need to drive continuous field force effectiveness.

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AdTheorent Health

AdTheorent Health, a division of AdTheorent (Nasdaq: ADTH), uses advanced machine learning technology and privacy-forward solutions to deliver impactful advertising campaigns for health marketers. AdTheorent Health's machine learning platform powers its predictive targeting, ]geo-intelligence, audience extension solutions and in-house creative capability, Studio A\T. Leveraging only non-sensitive data and focused on the predictive value of machine learning models, AdTheorent Health's product suite and flexible transaction models allow health advertisers to identify the most qualified potential audiences coupled with the optimal creative experience to deliver superior results, measured by each advertiser's real-world business goals.

Types of Products & Services: Ad-Tech/Programmatic

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Aki Technologies

Aki Technologies, Media by Inmar Intelligence®, uses proprietary data, moment targeting, and authentic creator content to break through and drive industry-leading business results for brands. Reach the right HCP and HIPAA-compliant DTC audiences with one partner across high-impact digital and social channels.

Types of Products & Services: Ad-Tech/Programmatic, AI/Machine Learning, Brand/Marketing Campaign Development

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CMI Media Group

CMI Media Group, a WPP company (NYSE: WPP,, is a full-service media agency focused solely on health, wellness, and pharmaceutical marketing. CMI Media Group’s core offerings include Audience Strategy, Planning, Development, and Insights; Data and Analytics; Buying and Investment; and Direct Response and Customer Experience. As the leading media resource for the world’s top healthcare companies, CMI Media Group brings together leading technology, data, and talent to deliver seamless capabilities for clients.  CMI Media Group has been recognized as a leader in DE&I, talent retention and employee development as well as one of the industry’s best places to work. 

Types of Products & Services: Brand/Marketing Campaign Development

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DeepIntent leads health advertising into the future based on the core belief that advertising technology contributes measurably to positive health outcomes. Built purposefully for the healthcare industry, the DeepIntent Health Advertising Platform employs patented technology and the industry’s most comprehensive health data to drive higher audience quality and script performance. 600+ pharmaceutical brands and all the leading healthcare agencies trust DeepIntent to reach the most relevant healthcare providers and patient audiences across all channels and devices. For more information, visit or find us on LinkedIn. 

Types of Products & Services: Ad-Tech/Programmatic, DTC Marketing, HCP Marketing (AI/Machine Learning)

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HealthLine Media

Healthline Media drives wellbeing forward, leading 74 million people to take action and improve their lives every month. With our depth of insight, we meet people where they are in their personal health journeys and connect them with medically evidenced content, communities, and solutions when they need it most. Trust, inclusivity, and compassion for the human experience are at the heart of all we do. Healthline Media’s portfolio includes Healthline, Medical News Today, Psych Central, Greatist, and Bezzy. 

Types of Products & Services: Content Marketing Strategy, DTC Marketing, Medication Adherence Solutions,

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Health Monitor Network

Health Monitor Network® is a targeted healthcare marketing platform for the pharmaceutical/OTC and CPG industries. Our in-house, award-winning content studio creates bespoke educational content about disease states and specific therapies that powers more productive patient-physician dialogues at all points of care. Building brands by empowering patients™

Types of Products & Services: DTC Marketing, HCP Engagement and Point of Care Solutions, Digital Health Solutions, Brand/Marketing Campaign Development

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IQVIA’s Digital Enablement Center of Excellence powers exceptional brand experiences, delivering innovative solutions based on a customer-first, insights-driven, and integrated omnichannel vision. We provide authenticated, enhanced data and analytics, innovative fit-for-purpose healthcare technology, and the expertise to enable an effective and adaptable marketing model that drives better quality of care and patient outcomes. IQVIA is the leading global provider of data, advanced analytics, technology solutions and clinical research services for the life sciences industry. 

Types of Products & Services: HCP Engagement, Ad-Tech/Programmatic, Brand/Marketing Campaign Development

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LiveWorld is a social-first digital agency that unlocks the full potential of social media to transform customer relationships through integrated compliance, engagement, and insight solutions. We provide brand marketers bold creative rooted in strategy that captivates and resonates, social moderation and engagement that activates interactions, software that enriches customer experiences, and compliance that enables and accelerates digital programs. With over 27 years of making connections, we leverage our social media DNA to deliver emotion-driven behavior change through digital campaigns with a human touch. LiveWorld clients include the number one brands in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and financial-travel services. LiveWorld is headquartered in Campbell, California, with an additional office in New York City.

Types of Products & Services: Brand/Marketing Campaign Development, HCP Engagement, DTC Marketing

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Loop Horizon Health

In an industry flooded with agencies, Loop Horizon separates itself as a catalyst for transformational success in the pharmaceutical sector. Unleash the power of digital with a partner who understands your industry like no other and witness the unrivaled impact of true omnichannel excellence. 

We are specialists in crafting innovative, data-driven solutions that leverage the full power of digital channels. Seamlessly integrating multiple touchpoints into a cohesive, engaging customer journey. Welcome to the future of pharma marketing.

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MedPage Today


MedPage Today is a leading clinical news authority. Healthcare professionals turn to MedPage Today for our award-winning journalism and expansive network of clinical experts that provide compelling investigative reports, personal medical stories, industry-leading medical conference coverage, and expert medical perspectives. The top life science companies trust MedPage Today to reach, connect, and inform their most valuable audiences to drive deep, personalized, engagement in the right channels at the right time. As a strategic advertising partner, clients can expect full-service support—from strategic campaign planning, asset development, and MLR expertise to campaign optimization and deep insight reporting to drive impact with HCPs. At the heart of it, MedPage Today's mission is to deliver compelling, credible content to create better-informed, more aware healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date information to help provide the best patient outcomes. Ready to reach HCPs when and where they're engaging? Connect with us at 

Types of Products & Services: HCP Engagement, Ad-Tech/Programmatic, Brand/Marketing Campaign Development

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MERGE is a forward-thinking marketing services company that believes in the transformative power of blending storytelling with technology. The core of MERGE's philosophy lies in understanding that at the heart of every successful marketing strategy is a compelling narrative, one that resonates deeply with its intended audience. MERGE leverages cutting-edge technology to amplify these narratives, ensuring they reach the right people at the right time, through the right channels. MERGE's approach is holistic and integrated, focusing on creating seamless experiences that engage, inform, and inspire action. MERGE's dedication to merging storytelling with technology to achieve tangible business outcomes makes it a unique player in the marketing services landscape, poised to help businesses navigate the complexities of the digital age with confidence and creativity.

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Metrix is a strategy and design solutions company focused on assisting life sciences organizations in mastering marketing complexities, enhancing patient support, and optimizing employee training. Leveraging over three decades of industry expertise, Metrix offers a comprehensive suite of services including strategy development, marketing and training material creation, and implementation support. Their approach is characterized by a dedication to delivering unique insights and connected solutions through dedicated account teams that specialize in pharma marketing and learning. By integrating scientific data with brand strategy and field execution, Metrix ensures its clients not only unlock significant value but also achieve concrete results, thereby facilitating impactful behavior changes among customers and patients. Choose Metrix to experience unparalleled service quality and to join forces in driving pharmaceutical excellence.

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OptimizeRx Corporation provides best-in-class health technology that enables care-focused engagement between life sciences organizations, healthcare providers, and patients at critical junctures throughout the patient care journey. Our Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) drives brand growth through unprecedented predictive intelligence and smarter omnichannel execution, reaching over 2 million HCPs and their patients.

Types of Products & Services: AI/Machine Learning, DTC Marketing, HCP Engagement

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PatientPoint® is the leading digital health company that connects patients, healthcare providers and life sciences companies with the right information in the moments care decisions are made. Our solutions are proven to influence patient behavior and improve health outcomes, driving value for all stakeholders. Across the nation’s largest network of connected digital devices in 35,000 physician offices, PatientPoint solutions empower better health for more than 750 million patient visits each year. Learn more at

Types of Products & Services: DCT Marketing, HCP Engagement, Point of Care Solutions

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Phil, Inc.

Phil helps retail and specialty-lite brands accelerate patient access, provider engagement, and brand outcomes through technology. Streamline your medication access journey with the PhilRx digital hub - our platform integrates with a national dispense network to deliver an end-to-end patient experience that improves patient and provider engagement, maximizes coverage, and drives GTN.

Types of Products & Services: Digital Health Solutions; HCP Engagement; Patient Solutions and Outreach

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Prognos Health

Prognos Health is a trusted provider of actionable real-world data (RWD) in the life sciences industry that is driven by its mission to unlock the power of data to improve health. Prognos Health’s exclusive, unique datasets unlock valuable insights in complex clinical populations across the entire commercial lifecycle, going beyond traditional RWD offerings. Prognos helps life sciences companies accelerate the development and delivery of innovative therapies and improve health outcomes by offering fully integrated and harmonized lab and health records on more than 325 million de-identified patients. Learn more at

Types of Products & Services: Data Management, HCP Engagement

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Sermo is a holistic healthcare insights company and the most trusted physician engagement platform. Sermo engages with more than 1.4 million HCPs across 150 countries and has reach into the U.S. Payer market covering 230M commercial lives.

Types of Products & Services: HCP Engagement, Brand/Marketing Campaign Development, Healthcare Insights

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Swoop enables pharmaceutical and life sciences brands to reach their ideal DTC and HCP audiences at crucial moments of their diagnosis and treatment journey. Using artificial intelligence and real-world data, Swoop is a leader in developing brand-exclusive audiences of patients and their providers for healthcare companies. Once the right customers have been targeted, brands can drive bottom-of-the-funnel engagement through Swoop’s proprietary medically trained and MLR-compliant conversational AI. Built on a privacy-by-design foundation, Swoop is both HIPAA-certified and NAI accredited, having developed more than 12,000 unique target audiences for 42 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies safely. Its conversational AI has been implemented across 100 health brands and trained on over 1.3 billion medical conversations. To learn more, visit

Types of Products & Services: AI/Machine Learning, DTC Marketing, HCP Engagement

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TrendMD is the largest content discovery network dedicated to the healthcare sector, specializing in connecting doctors and healthcare professionals with the most relevant and up-to-date medical content. With a network that spans over 8,500 websites and includes content from more than 550 publishers, TrendMD reaches an audience of over 130 million unique readers each month. By leveraging cutting-edge technology for targeted content delivery, TrendMD empowers clients to effectively reach and engage a global network of healthcare professionals, making every interaction count towards achieving unparalleled engagement and impact in the healthcare community.

Learn more about TRENDMD is global video advertising technology company that provides pharma marketing teams, healthcare advertisers and media agencies with digital video-driven advertising solutions that magnify ad messaging to HCP (Health Care Personnel) and DTC (Direct to Consumer) audiences. builds custom, interactive video ad units that are served across CTV, Desktop and Mobile devices to reach and engage the most relevant patients and HCPs. Our video ad unit provide patients with multiple opportunities to engage with a brand’s content and learn more about its products or services. As a certified minority business enterprise, appreciates that diverse perspectives generate the most creative and effective solutions for connecting with diverse audiences. is a division of Exponential Interactive, Inc. Learn more at

Types of Products & Services: Ad-Tech/Programmatic, DTC Marketing, HCP Engagement

Learn more about is the leading platform, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve clinical care and accelerate treatments and technology. The Viz Platform is a transformative solution that uses artificial intelligence to unify synchronized care collaboration, high fidelity mobile image viewing, real-time patient information and secure communication to optimize workflows for better patient care coordination. coordinates care across a broad list of clinical applications, including neurovascular, vascular, and cardiovascular diseases across over 1,400 hospitals - with a suite of life science solutions that operate on the existing platform to support development and commercialization stages of innovative treatments for patients. Viz’s cardiology solutions are helping to improve identification of patients with cardiovascular disease, accelerating time to referral by streamlining care pathways, and connecting the right cardiology care team provider to the right patient at the right time.

Types of Products & Services: Digital Health Solutions,HCP Engagement, Point of Care Solutions

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